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Hi, I'm Kim and welcome to K Calorie! I'm 25 and working on becoming healthy. That will involve:
- Learning to love vegetables
- Forcing myself to run
- Denying myself of cookies (my biggest weakness!)

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Good advice as I start working out again tomorrow!

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Unless you are 6 year-old child, 1200 calories IS NOT ENOUGH.

You need to eat ENOUGH to lose weight.

Your body has to live, and breath, and function…and if you dont eat enough for your body to do the basics. It will NOT let you lose weight. Reward your body with healthy food, and it will reward you with results. 

Really love the way she explains it here. Calories = fuel. It really should be that simple.

Strawberry banana smoothie with soymilk. Yum!


Dairy cows in Holland are let out to pasture for the first time since the winter months


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Just what I needed to read this morning. Last night I binged on an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s. As I ate it, the voice in my head kept screaming at me, but I just couldn’t stop.

I’m really getting sick of it. The constant need to fight my own diet. The willpower to put a freaking spoon. I’m a smart person. I’m successful. Yet I’m letting a spoon and a stupid pint of half baked ice cream beat me.


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Counted up my points damage for the weekend. Yowza. Starting today off right with a green monster smoothie! 

Workin it. Tegan and Sara&#8217;s album is a godsend.

Workin it. Tegan and Sara’s album is a godsend.

Note to self: Green monster smoothies should always have bananas and milk. *shudder*

Gym clothes are on before 9 am on Saturday. Success! This will be my first time back in the gym since July so I’m nervous but excited!